We design clean unique and beautifully creative products

Your brand, your product, your big is worth pursuing. You have a passion and dream, which we believe in. That passion deserves respect, our passion is to help you move forward with your dream. Let's share our passions.

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From the get go, we turn our thinkers on and plug away until we find the best possible solutions which define your business and mission. Then we start building it.

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Once we’ve defined the direction we develop a plan. Strategy is absolutely the building blocks of strong brand and marketing. Now, we start designing. Yay!

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This is where the big fun starts. We study the plan and pull out the toys. We’ll target your market with beautiful design and precise messaging with impeccable execution.

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And in the end, it’s all about success. Growing your business is our number one priority. We do that by asking the right questions in the beginning and listen to your answers.

We design beautifully, delightful digital experiences for all our clients

We're helping businesses radically improve their graphics, websites and marketing collateral by offering customized branding and messaging while targeting their market. By combining a unique yet simple approach of our knowledge of human behavior and the principles of user-centered design we bring together an understanding of branding, messaging and functionality to every medium we work in.

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We're passionate about solving problems with clarity, simplicity and honesty -

  • Web Design
  • Logo and Branding
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Illustration
These are our areas of expertise. When we begin the process of brainstorming in efforts to find solutions that help grow your business, we lean on these areas to guide us to the finished product. Having a broad understanding of visual design in areas such as web, logos, collateral and illustration, allows us to utilize popular software applications to help build those solutions. Sounds like work but actually, it's fun.

Hand craftsmanship, digitally delivered.

Barfield Design, founded by Karla Barfield, has been servicing a diverse group of clients in the Dallas, Fort Worth area for over 25 years. We specialize in listening so we can effectively transform our clients goals into directed branding and marketing. This in turn helps them showcase their service and products through avenues which will effectively grow their business or organization. Karla’s passion to design, create and conceptually problem solve is the perfect compliment to working with clients who are in need of marketing guidance and direction. Her current passion is discovering Wordpress and how its powerful functionality can create magic for her clients. When Karla's not creating on her computer or in her art studio, she's most likely playing with her dog Brodie or riding her bike. We offer: Graphic Design, Web design, Illustration, Branding and Logo design.

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Karla Barfield


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