Brand – One of our specialities. Not only because it’s a fun process but because it’s one of the most important aspects in developing the look and feel of your business. Strong brand creates confidence and trust in you customers and clients and with consistent usage can grow your business through brand recognition. We believe in this process and pour our full attention into it’s message and how it communicates your story.

Playworks, located in Denver, Colorado work with special needs children, developing their cognitive, motor and behavioral skills. They requested we focus on a branding element which would symbolize a tool they use during sessions with their clients. We think we nailed it.

SageBlooms, located in Dallas, Texas is a new an innovative floral design company that specializes in designing ‘out-of-the-box’ for special events and functions. They didn’t see themselves as cutesy or girly and wanted a very clean, smart and contemporary look to match their work.

Urban Door Designs, located in Dallas, Texas had a smart idea that involved repurposing ‘old’ doors to look new. This logo illustrates that by using graphics of two doors. The on in the background represents the old door, the new door, slightly altered is in the foreground. Using a modern font helps communicate the new and urban look.